How much does Camp Enterprise cost? 
 - - - Camp Enterprise is FREE to students and schools! 
 - - - All financial costs for Camp Enterprise are paid by The Rotary Club of Houston and her sponsors. 
How Do I Apply to Camp Enterprise? 
Who can attend Camp Enterprise?
 - - - Any high school Junior (11th grader) is invited to attend Camp Enterprise. 
 - - - We try to invite an equal number of male and female students who are specifically interested in business & "Service Above Self"
How long does Camp Enterprise last?
 - - - Campers leave from the parking lot of Delmar Stadium (2020 Mangum Rd, Houston, TX 77092) at 8 AM on Friday and return around 2 PM on Sunday. 
 - - - Arrive EARLY (7:30 AM at the latest) because busses pull out promptly at 8 AM, and anyone not on one of the busses will not be able to attend camp. 
What are the dates for Camp Enterprise? 
 - - - Camp Enterprise 2022 will be Friday, April 1, through Sunday, April 3 
Where is Camp Enterprise? 
 - - - Camp Allen, 18800 FM 362, Navasota, TX 77868
Who are the counselors/team coaches at Camp Enterprise? 
 - - - Rotarians, their spouses, and business associates are the team coaches. (ALL are members of or known by the Rotary Club of Houston.) 
 - - - All team coaches go through the same background check as volunteers in public schools. 
 - - - Each of the 12 teams has 2 counselors. 
How many campers attend Camp Enterprise? 
 - - - 72 - 11th graders ONLY attend Camp Enterprise every year.
 - - - The 72 campers are divided into 6 teams (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) of 12 and compete against each other throughout the weekend.
Are college scholarships awarded at camp? 
 - - - Yes, every year the Service Above Self Camper of The Year, Runner Up Camper of the Year, and Second Runner Up Camper of the Year are awarded college scholarships to the colleges of their choice. 
 - - - Also, each member of the 12-person team that wins the business simulation competition (that takes place throughout the weekend) is awarded a scholarship to the college of their choice. 
Where do campers stay? 
 - - - Campers stay in hotel styled room onsite at Camp Allen
How do campers eat? 
 - - - All meals are provided by the kitchen staff at Camp Allen. (and the food is VERY good)
Are campers' parents or other guests allowed to visit Camp Enterprise? 
 - - - No. Camp is closed to family and friends of campers, and only the 72 student campers, counselors, and approved associates (speakers, sponsors, etc.) of The Rotary Club of Houston are allowed at camp. 
Can student campers come and go from camp? 
 - - - No. All campers are required to travel to and from camp on busses chartered by The Rotary Club of Houton and stay at camp for the entire weekend.  
What things happen at Camp Enterprise? 
 - - - Team Building Exercises
 - - - Business Simulation Competition
 - - - Talks from Professional Speakers Sharing Insights into Business, Entrepreneurship, and Life 
 - - - Low Ropes Challenges
 - - - Bonfire
 - - - Talent Show
 - - - Networking
 - - - A Lot of Fun! 
How Do I Apply to Camp Enterprise?