Contact: Larry Meeks
5430 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX  77056
United States

First Meeting of Rotary Year


As we begin our new year I would like to invite everyone to our first Club Assembly meeting on July 12, 2018.  This meeting will take place at the HESS Club, starting at noon.  The first meeting of the year is traditionally a Club Assembly and is therefore not open to guests.  

At this meeting we will present our goals for the year.   We will also present the results of the visioning session we conducted in the spring, and we will talk about how these results have helped to help set our agenda and to provide some “way finding” in regard to our club’s actions and focus for the coming year.

We will highlight some of our community involvement commitments that are already on the calendar and we will update everyone on the status of events such as the Distinguished Citizen’s Award, Camp Enterprise, Salute to Veterans and the Golf Tournament to name a few.

We will also be rolling out some new format changes while continuing some of the traditions and meeting contents from previous years.  

Please plan on attending this informative meeting.   We look forward to seeing you there as we begin the 2018-2019 Rotary year.   Let’s all join in on supporting this year’s Rotary International motto; “Be the Inspiration”

Additionally, we will have our first Board of Directors meeting of the year on the 16th of July at my office.   The Board meeting is open to anyone who would like to attend.

Thanks everyone, and together we are going to have a great year.  Let’s make it happen.

Yours in Rotary Service


Larry Meeks

RCOH President 2018-2019