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United States of America

Tepehua Community Center - What we need now


Moonyeen Patricia King - Rotary Club of Chapala Sunrise
Harvey E Bernier Jr. - Rotary Club of Ajijic Mexico

Thursday August 6, 2020
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

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What we need now:

The ability to provide Potable water not just for Tepehua Barrio, which is one of the largest, around 6,000 people that have been counted, many are not,  we also need it for the sister barrios in the vicinity of the North side of Lake Chapala. People and babies are dying from kidney failure due to polluted wells of City water.

Large companies are selling water at a price mothers cannot afford, water and milk are so expensive they buy sodas and wean their babies, causing kidney damage...even by drinking sodas when their baby is still in the protective womb.  This can be sustainable by charging an affordable price per garrafone (5 gallon bottle) and keeping the price low.  We are ready to move on this. We are re-constructing existing buildings on the premises to accommodate Reverse Osmosis filling station.

Watch Video ---> History of Tepehua Community Center - Rotary Project


About the speakers:

Moonyeen Patricia King
Member Rotary Club of Chapal Sunrise
Born in London, lived in the US.
Moved to Chapala, Mexico and began a fund raiser for Mission San Pablo orphanage. Board of “love-in Action” children’s shelter.
President of Board and Founder of Tepehua Community Center A.C Chapala, Mexico for providing food, medicine, training skills and family planning in the poorest barrio in Chapala. Woman of the Year award by Lake Chapala Society, Ajjic, Mexico and a Paul Harris recipient.
Harvey E Bernier Jr.
Member Rotary Club of Ajijic
Born in Rochester NH
Board of Directors: Tepehua Centro Comunitario AC and AGAPI A.C. outreach program for bringing better diet, water, and education to indigenous villages.
Counsel for outlying villages- Poca a Poco San Pedro, Itzican.