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Burnett Bayland Committee
The Rotary Club of Houston has a distinguished record of service to the community. The first service project of The Rotary Club of Houston began in 1919 when it first supported the young residents of the Burnett- Bayland Rehabilitation Center with Christmas parties and summer picnics - support that has continued uninterrupted for 90+ years and today involves workshops preparing the youth for entering the workforce successfully.

Community Outreach Committee
In keeping with the overall vision of Rotary International, the Community Outreach Committee provides members, member families and friends with opportunities to create positive and lasting change in the Houston and greater Houston area by performing short-term community outreach projects. We do this through partnerships with organizations that provide for the needs of those in our community.

Fresh Start Committee
This committee promotes interest and participation in the pre-release program of the Texas Department of Corrections and other Houston area penal institutions.  It strives to inspire and motivate inmates to live within the law upon their return to society; and encourages community involvement in finding solutions for problems of the released public offender.

Public Health Committee
This committee addresses critical Houston area health issues with the goal of affecting change.  It has a dual mission of educating both the club and Houston residents on matters related to public health, health care delivery and socio-economic health issues.  While expanding access to community healthcare, the committee also arranges for expert health professionals to educate the club on cutting edge issues, treatments, breakthroughs and the economic impact of the health care industry in our community.

Rotary Distinguished Citizen Award Committee
This committee plans and promotes the annual Rotary Distinguished Citizen Award dinner honoring an outstanding Houstonian.  (A separate selection committee, three members of which shall be named by the President each year, shall propose recipients for this Award.  The selection committee shall be a continuing committee.)

Rotary House Committee
This committee acquaints itself with the opportunities, benefits and needs of the Jesse H. Jones Rotary House International Hotel, promotes activities, and generally strives to encourage interest in the club and its members on the needs of patients and family members staying there.