The BBRC Committee would like to provide an update on our success this fiscal year. We were able to deliver career training with Harris County Juvenile Detention Center (Downtown) and help connect students that are often overlooked to career possibilities. Our club sponsored an Introduction to the Metaverse class taught and led by Kai XR. Attached are some of the results from the program.
As a highlight, we were able to survey the students and captured the following results:
  • Seventy percent (70%) of students reported increased knowledge and interest in the Metaverse.
  •  Fifteen percent (15%) increase in the number of students interested in pursuing a career in VR technologies/Metaverse, etc. 
  • Thirty-four percent (34.2%) increase in the number of students interested in seeking out information about the Metaverse, 360° video and/or AR/VR/XR, careers, projects, equipment, or how they can incorporate the technologies into their everyday life. 
We are very excited to continue to partner with preparing our community youth for reaching their highest potential and plan to continue the Metaverse program in the fall.
In addition, our committee has been highlighted in the Houstonia this month. Thank you for your continued support for the oldest committee in Rotary. We continue to strive to serve youth above self. Special thanks to our committee members (Phil Hampton, Jim Behrmann, Joel Levine and Monique Johnson-Garner) and friend of Rotary, Valene Samuels.
Sincerely,Mercedes Harris
BBRC Chair