3755 Richmond Ave.
Houston, TX 77046
Thursday February 23, 2023
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

BECAUSE YOU HAVE REPEATEDLY ASK & REASKED – President Kenneth Mattox has put together a tabletop panel of individuals including himself, Roberto Canavati. Dr. David Persse, Dr. James Harrell, Laura Jahns, Annie Song Torres & others who routinely aid others in “Innovative 24 Access in Navigating Recognizing and Responding to potentially life threating medical conditions.”    Without any HIPPA violations, real life cases will be presented and discussed.   Houston is home to some of the most fantastic medical, psychiatric, and surgical care anywhere in the world, but is worthless if it cannot be accessed when needed.   Mechanisms to get the right person, to the right place, to see the right provider, in the right time, will be discussed.  

Every single person attending Rotary Club weekly meetings has experienced those very scary sinking feelings when encountering signs, symptoms, and fears that these perhaps represent the signals that immediate health access is indicated, but concern that an expensive extraneous workup might need to be avoided.  

Various public, private, and even purchased services have been arranged, with names such as “Care Navigator; Concierge Services; VIP Response; and 24 Access” are descriptors of existing vehicles to speedy and professional screening and therapeutic evaluation and care.   

We will be emphasizing the symptoms which should NOT be ignored and what to do for: 

  1. Heart Attack and what to expect ----STEMI      Symptom to cath times acceptable
  2. STROKE and what can be done and what should NOT be done.       
  3. SOME acute Vascular conditions, some of which have minimal symptoms, but need urgent attention.
  4. Perhaps some septic and infectious conditions, such as flesh-eating bacteria.
  5. Maybe some orthopedic conditions
  6. Maybe some cancer conditions
  7. Children and burn conditions.
  8. What is in place currently.
  9. What is available in HOUSTON via EMS directly. 
  10. What is being developed.
  11. When NOT to over react.
  12. Where are the checks and balances on TIME to action in the HOUSTON area. 

There WILL be time for questions from the floor.    You may want to have some paper to take notes. 

Kenneth L, Mattox, MD