Camp Enterprise 2020   April 3, 4 & 5, 2020
Camp Enterprise was initiated in 1986 by the Rotary Club of Houston as a means of providing a first-hand, practical introduction to the business world for selected high school juniors who have demonstrated leadership at their individual schools.
The camp is an intensive three-day program of instruction, competition, and teamwork.  Through interaction with business executives and entrepreneurs, participating students are introduced to the challenges and opportunities of the free enterprise system.  From successful business leaders, they learn the value of hard work and dedication; and learn that they can be successful in whatever career they pursue if they apply the principles that many have learned from years of experience.
Camp Enterprise provides outstanding speakers from the fields of manufacturing, engineering, health, communications, business services, and more.  Topics may include management and employee relations, starting your own business, government relations, ethics, the role of business in society and the community, leadership and making successful connections with others to improve your future.
Held in a true camp setting, Camp Enterprise is conducted at Camp Allen near Navasota, about 40 miles from Houston.  The Rotary Club of Houston sponsors the students' bus transportation, lodging, speakers and all meals and amenities.  Volunteers from the Rotary Club of Houston supervise and work as coaches to guide the students.
Students are deeply immersed in a stimulating interactive environment that invites their participation in competitive teamwork in such activities as managing a business, completing an obstacle course and even a talent show.  All parts of the program are designed to help students gain a better insight into the business world for themselves and their fellow students.  The weekend culminates with the selection of three students as the winners of the Rotary Club of Houston Service Above Self Award who exemplifies the goals of Rotary and professionalism.
Students leave Camp Enterprise with immense enthusiasm and a sense of direction. They develop skills in analytical and conceptual thinking, public speaking, and interpersonal communication.  They gain a better understanding of and appreciation for the business and the free enterprise system.  Students improve their self-confidence, make new friends, and meet professionals in a variety of careers.  Students who have attended the camp describe the program as a uniquely positive and valuable experience that they will always remember. 
For more information on the program, contact:
Trina Fowlkes                                                 Deanna Belford
Chair, Camp Enterprise                                 Club Administrator
281-788-5260                                                 713-973-9936