David Balat 

"FreedomCare--A Free Market Solution to Healthcare"

March 15, 2018


David Balat, 45, was born and raised in Houston, to parents who moved to the United States from the suburbs of Jerusalem and Bethlehem in Israel. David’s father was born deaf and mute, and taught his son about adversity, and his mother taught him to have a strict work ethic. They promoted an English-only household, so David could have the best opportunity for success in their newly adopted country.

David’s father, although born with a disability, never accepted federal aid, believing in working for the things they had. He and his mother owned and operated their own business in the Garden Oaks area for nearly 40 years, passing that passion for success and conveying their entrepreneurial spirit to David.

Successful Businessman

David is a professional healthcare executive and former hospital CEO who specializes in finance and business development. At the age of 24 David got his start in the larger hospital systems out of a lifelong desire to help others. In just 2 years, David moved his way up to becoming an accomplished executive for a large group practice in the Texas Medical Center. David received his undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Houston, and his Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Healthcare Administration from the University of Houston Clear Lake.

Turnaround Specialist

Yearning to be his own boss and wanting to create a profitable environment for businesses, he began his own consulting firm that specialized in turning around struggling health care organizations. David developed a reputation for rescuing troubled businesses and growing them into thriving, profitable organizations. As a result, David is responsible for turning around numerous companies and creating many jobs in the Houston area to include the communities of Kingwood, Humble and Spring.

Product of the American Dream

David is living proof that the American Dream can be gained through hard work, a great family, and Faith in God.

A long-standing member of his community, David continues to create jobs today. He is a resource in the healthcare industry and is considered a leading expert in his current role as President of the company where he works. He credits his success to his wife of over 20 years who has demonstrated great strength and continued faith in David’s dream to exercise his entrepreneurial passion.

Husband, Father, Conservative Christian

David met his wife Lauren at church in 1994, and they married 2 years later. Lauren is currently attending graduate school to become a Licensed Professional Counselor pursuing her desire to serve her community. David owes his life, his accomplishments, and his loving family to God’s faithfulness.

He and his family have attended church in the district for nearly 20 years and have actively participated in missions, committees, and teaching Sunday School.

Until the devastation that Hurricane Harvey caused, the Balats lived in the Meyerland area with their two teenage children, Abbie and Joshua. In the wake of losing their home, they are seeking to relocate to a more permanent location, while in temporary housing.