3755 Richmond Ave.
Houston, TX 77046

March 21, 2024
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM


Join Virtually ==> March 21, 2024

Rotary is the perfect place to meet new people, take part in activities they are interested in and be part of a community of caring, service-oriented Houstonians. Our Rotary Club of Houston provides the opportunity to connect with others from various backgrounds, with varying world views, while creating lasting memories to enrich each of our lives, plus, making valuable professional connections. Along the way we meet some of the top newsmakers of Houston and Texas.

 On a purely voluntary basis, our President and Program Chair will ask members to give us their elevator pitches about their businesses. (maximum 30 seconds).

For all members, again, on a purely voluntary basis, we will ask questions  (30 second max), such as:

      A piece of advice you would give everyone,

      a top item on your bucket list,

      where you grew up,

      one thing we don’t know about you,

      what your perfect day would look like,

      a day in your life you would love to relive,

      how your life has been different than what you thought,

      your best memory about school,

      the most important person in your life.

We do not expect every member to respond to every question, just the ones you feel that you want to share and feel comfortable sharing.  We should be able to move quickly through questions, saving the ones we don’t ask for later.  No pressure, just a heart-warming meeting.

Joe Colangelo
Rotary Club of Houston
Program Committee