Posted on Dec 30, 2022
3755 Richmond Ave.
Houston, TX 77046
January 5, 2023
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

First, this is a greeting to each of you, wishing you a healthy happy and productive year 2023. Many right things are in place for this to be a very fruitful year, in all the things we do, say, and hope for. Imagine Rotary is not only our theme for this year, but we have also together learned and participated in many innovative things, and I have a strong premonition that “we ain’t seen nothing yet.”  We are so blessed in our club to have so many forward thinking people in many diverse and balanced areas and disciplines. Both our active members, visitors, and speakers have shared so many “imagine” thoughts this year so far, but we have 6 months more to go as we together rebuild ideas, visions, community, and beyond.

Our first Thursday noon meeting of the Rotary Club of Houston will be on January 5, 2023. I want the program for that day to be US and our visitors, just as we have every week. This should be both a club and individual revitalization. We will involve everyone at every table as we address several things:

  1. Comment about the current and your desired Thursday programs. We will chat about subject matter, titles, as well as specific suggestions. We have a list of ideas which can take us all the way to July 2023, however we do wish to hear from each of you about direction, depth, and ideas.
  2. Your board wishes to know your traditional classification and what projects and committees you are currently on. We want you to give some thought as to whether or not you are currently optimally positioned. Specifically what committee(s) or project(s) do you wish to be involved with. Rule #1 is that everyone must belong to at least one project or committee.
  3. I do want us to also have an in-depth discussion of the projects and committees we currently have and how they need to be restructured. We should NOT have committees with only ONE member. Our committees & projects must be vetted among the entire club, have a chairperson, have a management plan, and have submitted the budget and plan to the budget committee and board.

I am very excited about this upcoming club interaction and strategizing. This is not a member only meeting as many of our visitors and anticipated upcoming new members are part of our 2023 Rotary Imagine good times.

Thank you for the privilege and opportunity of being your President of the Rotary Club of Houston this year.

Kenneth L. Mattox